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Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive Labels – most commonly used way to mark your product.

Digitally printed labels – innovative way to make labels.

We produce small to medium label runs using a digital color label press. The press is capable of printing very high quality labels straight from a file (like a PDF). And integrated cutting module allows us to cut almost any shape.

This technology is most commonly used when a customer needs small to medium amount of color labels. It allows for a customer to have labels only as much as he needs and when he needs (on-demand labels). Commonly printed labels includes: labels for new product testing; labels for preparing product for presentation or a trade fair; variable data or personalised labels and etc.

But if you need a lot of labels than with the help of our long-term partners we can also offer full color labels printed with flexographic printing press.

We also produce single color labels using thermal transfer printers. Best choice when you need small amount of inexpensive labels.

benefits of self-adhesive labels

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